Comprehensive investment management in the electrical sector

We specialise in delivery and installation of high current devices in industrial facilities.

Good energy in your surroundings!

We provide full support in the scope of preparing and executing investments in the electrical sector. We specialise in delivery and installation of high current devices in industrial facilities, especially in manufacturing plants.

Devices offered by EG System work within the framework of thousands of investments around the globe, which is attested by our achievements and references, above all including:
• transformers,
• busbars,
• MV switchgears and LV switchgears,
• complete transformer / container stations.


Current stock

Our offer

szynoprzewody - EG System

Full offer within the range between 25 A and 5000 A (aluminum and copper versions). High-power, low-power, distribution, water-resistant and lighting busbars.

stacje transformatorowe
Transformer stations

Our offer includes standalone transformer stations in concrete or metal housing. Externally and internally operated stations.


We deliver MV/LV transformers, oil-immersed and dry-type resin transformers - range between 50 kVA and 20,000 kVA. Special and circuit-separation transformers as well as transformers for converter systems.

rozdzielnice oferta - EG System
Electrical switchgears

Our offer of switchgears is intended mainly for the industry, but also for a vast market of recipients. MV and LV switchgears

usługi montażowe
Installation services

Full scope of installation services, quinquennial and periodical inspections of transformers, busbars, MV and LV switchgears. Tests and measurements.

EG Smart - Monitoring of devices

We will prepare a dedicated offer in the scope of monitoring any electrical devices. Visit the page and see the demo.

panel fotowoltaiczny - EG System
Photovoltaic farms

A comprehensive offer: concept, design, arrangements with offices and power distribution company, delivery and installation, acceptance and start-up, guarantee and post-guarantee service.

Biogazownia - EG System
Biogas plants and incineration plants

Supplying electrical power to RES facilities, including biogas plants and incineration plants. Design, arrangements, delivery, installation, applying voltage. Comprehensive implementation.

oczyszczalnia - EG System
Treatment plants

Providing electrical solutions necessary to create a cost-effective, efficient and safe power supply system for an industrial wastewater treatment plant.

bhp akcesoria
Accessories for power engineering

A comprehensive offer of products for the energy sector including, among others, transformer station OHS equipment, anti-vibration pads, relays, ground contacts.

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Our leaders

The company’s values

Our team of engineers executes investments in a comprehensive manner – from the concept, through design and arrangements at the power plant, delivery and assembly, to guarantee and post-guarantee services.

Owing to our experience, we guarantee due performance of works, in accordance with applicable provisions and standards. We provide qualified personnel and using working devices and equipment to the highest possible operational health and safety levels.

EG System means several hundred executed investments, more than five hundred transformers delivered and kilometres of busbars installed.

We are a major company active in the energy sector. We operate countrywide and execute orders as part of different types of investments. Regardless of the scale of undertaking, we treat each client individually. We take care of the quality of cooperation and good energy flow when working together.

Many years of experience in the energy market in Poland have contributed to the development of a comprehensive offer. Apart from executing orders for state-of-the-art devices, the offer also includes assembly, maintenance, technical auditing and modernisation support. It is a pure pleasure for us to go through the entire investment path together with a customer: from establishing the needs, through execution and assembly, to inspections. We provide a full scope of assembly services. We modernise high current systems in industrial, office, commercial and service facilities. We guarantee high quality of transformer stations and busbars for power transmission and distribution. We are a responsible entity. Performing assembly works at the customers’ facilities on our own allows us to make sure that the machines and devices we deliver will operate effectively and efficiently. The aspect of cooperation and providing the client with maximum comfort is equally important to us. When selecting our services, the clients are sure that the whole process from making an order to an effective operation of a product will be seamless. All technical aspects remain with us. EG System’s technical support does not end with the installation – quite the contrary. We are committed to making the devices we deliver operate long, effectively and fully efficiently. Therefore, you can count on us when it comes to maintenance, inspections and audits.

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