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EG System successfully executes projects across Poland. The delivered devices work as part of various types of investments – we treat each customer individually. Below, we present photos taken during selected deliveries and installations of our devices. You are welcome to check the location of EG System devices. So far, we have completed several hundred projects and installed ten-odd thousand metres of busbars. At the bottom of the page, under the gallery, there is a map showing the investments we have completed. We care for the technical condition of devices we have installed. We perform periodic inspections of the devices delivered. Owing to this, we can be certain of their top quality, which has already become our trademark.


Transformator 2000 kVA 10/0,4 kV., rozdzielnica nN 3200 A.

Posejdon Szczecin

Szynoprzewody EG-BX-E 900mb

Biogazownia Iłówiec

Dostawa i montażu urządzeń wraz z uruchomieniem

Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka

Szynoprzewody TR1-RG 2000A AL. 

Farma Fotowoltaiczną Konin

Stacja transformatorowa 1600 kVA 2 szt.

Galeria Mokotów

Transformator 2000kVA 15/0.4kV 2 szt.

Budynek Uniwersytetu Warszawa

VEKA Skierniewice

Kompletne instalacje elektryczne
Transformat 1250 kVA 2 szt., szynoprzewody EG-BX-E 2500 A.

ATI ZKM Forging Stalowa Wola

Transformator 2000 kVA IP31 2 szt., szynoprzewody EG-BX-E 3200A 2 szt.

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Map of completed investments

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