Power supply for photovoltaic farms

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Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources

Strong experience in the power engineering sector combined with many years of collaboration with leading manufacturers from the renewable energy sector guarantees:
• Comprehensive service
• Cost optimisation
• Rapid return on investment
• Short deployment time
• Professionalism and safety

A comprehensive offer of photovoltaic farms

Our team of engineers will provide advice and execute the full scope of the investment:

• Concept
• Design
• Arrangements in offices and power engineering plant
• Delivery and assembly
• Acceptances and startup
• Guarantee and post-guarantee support

A typical photovoltaic farm

Transformer stations

Delivery of dedicated devices for photovoltaic farms

Transformer stations for photovoltaic farms

Stacje transformatorowe dla farm fotowoltaicznych

We offer specialist stations adapted to renewable energy sources in concrete housings. A broad range of station power between 250 and 6300 kVa, with complete equipment tailored to the needs of a given project.

Low voltage switchgears adapted to non-standard voltages, including 800 V. Medium voltage switchgears and telemechanics adapted to local requirements of power engineering plants across the country. A broad range of station dimensions offered by us allows optimising dimensions to the electricity generation capacity.

Transformers for photovoltaic farms

Transformatory dla farm fotowoltaicznych

Dry-type resin transformers and oil-immersed transformers dedicated to photovoltaic farms. Secondary voltage of 400 or 800 V, adapted to inverter voltage. Primary voltage adapted to external grid of a given power engineering plant across the country. Our offer also includes transformers with increased THD level. Additionally, on special request, transformers may be equipped with an electrostatic screen and other accessories.

Photovoltaic farms

Photovoltaic farms constitute a profitable investment in Poland.
Renewable energy sources have long ceased to be something exotic and have come to take a stronger position in Poland’s power engineering system. The above is confirmed by information from Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, stating that installed power of photovoltaic plants in NPS amounted to 1185.7 MW as at 1 December 2019 (increase by 163.8% year-on-year).
As with every power generation unit, photovoltaic farms require an electrical system connecting it to the electrical power system. Due to a small unit power of such farms and the fact that they are most often located “in a clear field”, an integral element of an electrical system of the farms is free-standing transformer stations in a concrete housing, offered by EG System.

Strong points of our transformer stations:
 flexibility of solutions – a broad range of available station dimensions and configurations allows tailoring them to Client needs and requirements of a power engineering plant,
– easy installation and operation – no complicated construction works are required; only the substrate needs to be adequately prepared – cranes are provided by us, 
– mobility – free-standing transformer stations are delivered in a nearly complete form, with potential division into elements we assemble on site (due to transport limitations).

Learn more about transformer stations for photovoltaic farms from the EG System offer