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We will prepare an offer dedicated to monitoring for any energy devices.
Thanks to the solution we offer, you do not need to have specialized knowledge to control the operation of your devices. Our system will inform you about disturbing events by sending a message via e-mail or SMS. The package includes 100 free SMS messages. You can define your alerts in a simple and clear way and you will have a full history of events.
Additionally, you will get a wide range of measurements updated every 1 minute and their full history.
If you want, several accounts and all users from your company can use one monitoring as part of our Client panel.

Useful functions provided by the monitoring of energy devices

Basic functionality of the system:
  • Over 36 measurements
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Visualizations on charts
  • History of measurements
  • Can be used by many users at the same time
  • Alert about switching off the station and loss of connection
  • Alerts informing about exceeding the alarm values
  • Map with current GPS location
  • Historical data import to Excel
  • Clear and simple visualization

Alerts and alarms

The transparent interface allows efficient configuration of alerts that will inform about disturbing events. When taking measurements, the system analyzes them and, according to its definition, will respond to them appropriately.

Measurements and visualization

We present all measurements graphically in the form of line charts. The graphs also show the lower and upper ranges of the alerts as a red line.

historia monitoring

Archiving of measurements

We save the entire history of the read data in the database. This allows you to analyze the measurement readings.

Additionally, there is an option to import data to Excel.


GPS location

We always know where our transformer station is currently located.
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