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We provide a full scope of assembly services

At the same time, we guarantee that the works are performed in accordance with applicable provisions and standards. Owing to this, the installed devices and deployed systems allow operation at the highest operational health and safety standards. At the same time, they allow efficient and fault-free use of electrical power and considerable reduction of related costs. To guarantee energy performance of facilities, we also perform advanced modernisation works or extend the existing electrical power systems. It is about optimising their operation in accordance to the current needs of the Client. We monitor the introduced solutions to enhance their quality, take care of the efficiency and provide the personnel with friendly work environment. The solutions we offer include, among others:

  • full assembly of delivered devices – e.g. transformers, busbars, IP68 busbars, electrical systems, high current systems
  • modernisation of electrical systems based on an expert opinion, Client demands analysis and site visits
  • extension of power supply at the facility to meet current needs
  • electrical measurements in accordance with requirements laid down in regulations

We provide maintenance services to Clients also in the post-guarantee stage. We have professional workshop facilities and a team of experienced professionals at our disposal. A communication panel on our website facilitates rapid contact. We perform periodic measurements and inspections of electrical systems and, if necessary, we solve problems quickly.

Therefore, it is possible to minimise the breaks in power supply or prevent long-lasting device defects. Our personnel reacts on time to breakdowns, to allow efficient and effective use of the equipment. Client-oriented policy with regard to post-sale services gives us a strong market position. Owing to this, we cooperate with the same entities and effectively optimise their results in the long-term perspective. The post-sale solutions we offer include, among others:

  • warranty and post-warranty service for the equipment
  • periodical examination of electrical systems – including annual and quinquennial inspections, in accordance with the requirements laid down in the regulations
  • periodic inspections of LV busbars and MV/LV transformers in accordance with the provisions of regulations
  • modernisations of deployed solutions based on an expert opinion, Client demands analysis and site visits
  • convenient communication and reporting all defects through a Client panel on our website or directly to our consultants
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