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Energy solutions for production halls

Energy solutions for production halls

Rapid development of numerous branches of industry makes factories and plants invest in modern solutions aimed at enhancing production performance or modernising the existing ones.

Production halls are a perfect example as a heart of plants dealing with manufacturing. They are a place where it is imperative to meet relevant standards, including

those concerning electrical power supply. A permanent feature of a production hall is a transformer station, the individual parameters of which should be considered at the construction of halls, as well as their extension.

Extension of a transformer station

Construction of a transformer station brings about numerous benefits for enterprises drawing large energy volumes from the grid. Transformer stations draw energy from overhead or cable lines and then distribute energy in a manner that safeguards that the intake is not connected with additional costs. Investments in transformer stations are ideal mainly as part of activities that require stable and undisturbed operation and that are savings-oriented. Transformer stations constitute a guarantee of constant electrical power transmission, thus limiting production downtime. In turn, an extension of a transformer station is a standard investment component when a production hall requires larger energy consumption. In order to reduce costs of energy intake, with the simultaneous lower wear and tear of infrastructure, it is advisable to undertake actions aimed at optimising the potential of the transformer stations providing power supply to the facility.

Modernisation of a transformer station in a production hall

The main task of modernising transformer stations is to improve the efficiency of their operation. An operational system guarantees the reliability of electrical power supply to target points, including production halls. Modernisation of a transformer station includes, among others, its extension and necessary renovations. Moreover, periodical examinations of power supply devices, safeguards and control elements are important.

Increasing power at the facility - when to do this?

Increasing power at the facility is nothing more than applying for increased connection power, i.e. the one an electrical installation has at its disposal in a given place. In the case of development of production halls, through implementing a larger number of electrical devices or replacement with more energy consuming devices, the previous full power may simply turn out insufficient.

To avoid problems with overload or overheating of the electrical network, it suffices to increase the ordered power as part of the previous connection power. It only involves a change in the system, consisting in replacing fuses. However, if it turns out that the too low a connection power poses a problem, then more advanced modifications will be necessary. Higher power can be transferred through the existing connection. If its parameters are insufficient, it should be replaced or reconstructed.

Increased transformer station power - is it possible?

What to do when there is a need to increase power at an existing transformer station? Acquiring greater power may be linked with, among others, replacement of a transformer or adjustment of power cables. Actions in this regard should be entrusted to specialists who will guarantee a safe and reliable performance of tasks. However, the replacement of a transformer does not have to involve only the need to improve energy efficiency, although it is certainly a strong argument. It is often a question of amended regulations concerning protection and safety, or there is a greater risk of defects caused by transformer wear and tear. The reason to replace transformers in a transformer station can also be a change in the voltage or load level.

EG System - energy distribution within the facility

EG System not only specialises in comprehensive power supply to production hall, but also distributes energy within the facility. The company deals with supplying high-power devices and systems to industrial facilities, especially to production plants, including halls where manufacturing takes place. Being an authorised representative of renowned brands from the EU, EG System guarantees comprehensive power supply, optimisation of investment costs and professional technical support. Therefore, companies focusing on verified solutions and wishing to lower the distribution bills can benefit from an attractive offer for modernisation or connection of new transformer stations. As regards structural aspects, transformer stations can be extended and there is also a possibility of drawing more power from the electrical energy network.