Cleaning photovoltaic panels

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Cleaning photovoltaic

Cleaning photovoltaic

Cleaning photovoltaic panels – why is it necessary?

Photovoltaic panels are an ever more frequent solution applied not only in households, but also in industry or public institutions. It is commonly known that the use of PV panels is an excellent way to reduce costs related to electricity. Photovoltaic farms allow considerable savings all the more. However, to make photovoltaics yield tangible effects, the panels have to be duly protected. Above all, taking care of their cleanliness is necessary. Only regular cleaning and washing solar panels guarantees their optimal performance.

PV panels cleaning - a key to their maximum efficiency

Photovoltaics in industry not only reduces maintenance costs of plants, but also provides subsidies for the purchase and assembly of PV panels. Moreover, an investment in photovoltaics is a generous contribution to reducing emissions of CO2 and particulate matter as well as a positive image of enterprises resulting from implementation of actions that are environmentally friendly and beneficial for humans. Therefore, industrial plants surrounded with photovoltaic panels or photovoltaic farms, from which energy is acquired for numerous facilities, become an ever more frequent view. However, investment in photovoltaics is only halfway to reduce costs. How to safeguard efficient operation of photovoltaic panels? By taking care of the cleanness of the applied solutions. Washing the photovoltaic plants is a key to their optimal efficiency for a very long time.

Washing solar panels - how important is it?

Very. Photovoltaic panels can, and should, be washed to be able to perform their task duly. Most of all, cleaning PV panels helps prevent the reduction of their efficiency and damage, which entails high repair or replacement costs. Excessive amount of contaminants forms a barrier for light and triggers reduced performance of the applied photovoltaics. Location of facilities equipped with photovoltaic panels is quite significant. A different degree of contamination will apply to points located in a densely developed area, buildings located near roads or far from dirt sources. Soiling of PV panels comes from, among others, dust, pollen or smoke. If due to the soiling the sun rays do not reach the individual cells, not only will the panels cease to operate efficiently, but will also be susceptible to the entire system breakdown.

Cleaning photovoltaic panels – why is it better to have it done by professionals?

To be sure that solar panels will be cleaned properly, it is best to use the services of professional companies. Photovoltaic panels are usually installed on the roofs, which entails working at heights during washing. What is more, photovoltaic panels still form a live electrical system. Therefore, an activity that requires utmost precision and extraordinary precautions is not the safest task. Moreover, washing the PV panels by unqualified persons may entail the risk of damaging the system and losing the guarantee entitlement. Having it done by experienced professionals safeguards efficiency and top quality of performed activities.

Washing PV panels - what is important?

Photovoltaic panels have to be washed while maintaining necessary precautions and observing OHS regulations. Specialists having necessary knowledge to perform such activities, practical skills and adequate tools will easily deal with the most persistent soiling. When it comes to equipment used to wash photovoltaic panels, it is best to forget about pressure washers, sponges, coarse brushes and string detergents. Why? High pressure created by washers can cause micro-damage of the system, which over time can lead to serious breakdowns. Improperly selected accessories also bear the risk of scratching delicate surfaces of the PV panels. Detergents, intended for other purposes that cleaning photovoltaic panels, can enter into harmful chemical reactions with materials the modules are made of. Experienced specialists resort to proven measures in the form of demineralised water or accessories made of soft materials that do not conduct currents and are safe for the modules.

Cleaning photovoltaic panels - costs

The price for cleaning solar cells depends on numerous factors. First of all, experts in that field meticulously study information concerning a given point and only based on that make an individual valuation of the professional service. Costs are influenced by, among others, location of the facility, total area, degree of soiling, height of the installed system. The service price can be calculated per individual modules or be fixed per square metre. When commissioning the cleaning to a specialist company, a customer pays for effective, professional rendering of the service that is safe for the system.