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Akcesoria dla energetyki

LV/MV accessories

Examples of products from the EG System shop offer

Our offer includes a broad range of devices and power engineering accessories that allow performing any type of installation works. We select products for our offer by responding to our clients’ needs. What really matters to us is the best possible value for money.

We regularly launch discount offers for selected groups of products (including considerable discounts for transformer relays or power engineering products). By filing a request for proposal, it is also possible to negotiate a beneficial discount.

We keep developing our assortment of products. We take care to deliver both basic tools and accessories (e.g. OHS products, silica gel, anti-vibration pads) as well as the most advanced and specialist tools applied in the power engineering industry (including complete equipment of a transformer station and transformer relays).

We make use of products by proven domestic and foreign manufacturers. We place importance to the possibility of providing comprehensive supply for the purpose of planned works, in one place and as part of a single purchase. We also offer professional technical counselling. Providing Clients with a possibility of choosing the best offer is our priority.

We guarantee quick and timely deliveries. We also provide full post-sale assistance. A user-friendly communication panel on our website also facilitates consultations.

Devices and accessories for power engineering and OHS: