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Energy solutions for industrial wastewater treatment plants

Energy solutions for industrial wastewater treatment plants

Industrial wastewater treatment plants - benefits for the plant and the environment

Growing needs in the scope of environmental protection incline entrepreneurs to reach out for solutions providing sustainable development. More and more plants operating in various fields of industry make use of renewable energy sources. Wastewater treatment plants have enjoyed ever greater popularity in recent years as well. The reason thereof is on the one hand care for the environment and on the other – the need to introduce savings in production processes. These solutions allow rational water management and eliminate the problem of wastewater disposal. They also provide uninterrupted electricity and power supply from a biogas plant to a biological wastewater treatment plant. This way, they reduce costs borne by an enterprise and allow generating higher profits.

Construction of an industrial wastewater treatment plant - a water management method

What motivates entrepreneurs to build industrial wastewater treatment plants is savings in the first place. Shrinking water resources and related growing costs of its acquisition incline them to rationally manage this raw material. Construction of an industrial wastewater treatment plant allows reclaiming water from post-production waste. Afterwards, it can be used in technological processes or as part of potable and household use – including to supply cooling systems or steam boilers. This way, the investment brings about tangible benefits and returns within several years. Plants using industrial wastewater treatment plants are also environmentally friendly. Investments in solutions allowing the reduction environmental strain have a chance of obtaining subsidies from state or European funds.

Industrial wastewater treatment plant - savings in wastewater and industrial waste treatment

Another benefit of the construction of industrial treatment plants is the solved problem with waste and wastewater. Pursuant to the provisions of the law, it must be treated before it is discharged to the environment. Otherwise, it poses a hazard to the environment and to human life and health. Failure to respect the requirements can therefore bring about serious consequences and severe sanctions. Industrial wastewater includes all residues resulting from conducting industrial, commercial, warehousing, transport or service operations. It does not include household wastewater. Therefore, an industrial treatment plant brings about tangible financial benefits through reducing costs of discharging wastewater that grow year on year.

Construction of an industrial wastewater treatment plant - where will it prove best?

The construction of an industrial wastewater treatment plant is of immense importance in places generating highly contaminated wastewater. These include, most of all, food industry plants. The investment brings about savings in slaughterhouses and fish processing plants as well. It also proves excellent for pharmaceutical plants, galvanising plants, petroleum products processing plants and textile companies. Owners of hotels and catering facilities as well as office buildings, production halls and warehouses should consider the construction of an industrial wastewater treatment plant. Depending on the type of operation, an optimal type of a treatment plant may be selected. The most popular ones include biological wastewater treatment plants based on processes taking place at the presence of anaerobic or aerobic bacteria.

A biological wastewater treatment plant - one investment, plenty of benefits

Construction of a biological wastewater treatment plant allows solving more problems than wastewater disposal. In the case of investment based on biological processes using anaerobic bacteria, methane can be acquired as a byproduct. Methane is a gas that is used for generating electricity or heat energy if accompanied by an adequate system. Waste generated as a result of digestion is biologically clean and forms the so-called digestate, which can be used as an organic fertiliser applied in arable fields. This way, an industrial treatment plant yields benefits on many dimensions as well as savings for a manufacturing plant.

Construction of an industrial treatment plant - power supply is the basis

Construction of an industrial treatment plant requires the application of appropriate solutions allowing wastewater collection and processing. What is necessary there is the electrical systems. They are based on transformer stations that allow changing current voltage and appropriate distribution of electrical power to particular treatment plant units. The investment cannot exist with an external and internal power supply system either. The former mainly includes MV systems installed outside buildings. These include cables and connections that run from the cable joint of a power engineering plant to the transformer station of a treatment plant. These cables link particular facilities supplied with electrical power. The latter includes a transformer station with switchgears and systems distributing electrical power inside the treatment plant.

Electrical solutions for an industrial wastewater treatment plant - why is it worth choosing EG System?

EG System is a company with long experience, providing comprehensive electrical solutions necessary to create a cost-effective, efficient and safe power supply system for an industrial wastewater treatment plant. We offer both design and executive services. We create designs covering power supply and exporting power from power generating sources. We also prepare executive diagrams of electrical systems powering the generation sources. We supervise the correctness of arrangements allowing the connection of a generation source or industrial plant to the power grid. Serving as a contractor, we provide construction of MV and LV lines as well as delivery, assembly and starting up solutions in transformer stations. We guarantee the acceptance of the system at a power engineering plant.

Supplying industrial treatment plants with electrical solutions - get to know EG System’s offer

EG System brings together the best professionals in the sector. Our specialists have a broad knowledge, perfect skills and experience in the field of creating cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. What distinguishes our company is a personalised approach to each order. We do not apply ready schemes, but try to tailor the solutions to the specificity of a given type of operation and the needs of our clients in the best possible way. We provide comprehensive execution of power supply systems for industrial wastewater treatment plants. We guarantee cost optimisation and short deployment time.