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W standardowy skład stacji transformatorowych wchodzą:
rozdzielnica średniego napięcia,
rozdzielnica niskiego napięcia.

Sprawdź dostępność przenośnej stacji transformatorowej i dokonaj BEZPŁATNEJ rezerwacji jedynie w 3 krokach. Twoja rezerwacja będzie obowiązywać przez 48h.
Po otrzymaniu rezerwacji nasz Dział Handlowy skontaktuje się z Tobą w celu uszczegółowienia warunków wynajmu.

Wynajem stacji transformatorowej - EG System

Transformer station purpose

A transformer station – an electrical power station where electrical power is switched at different voltage levels. In reality, this means that the transformer station is a central point from which all devices are powered. Stations can be of a free-standing type – they are manufactured in a form of a readymade container equipped with electrical devices (transformers, MV switchgears, LV switchgears, internal systems, etc.) and separated from the main facility it provides power supply to, or internal – if all electrical devices are located in rooms constituting a part of the facility.

Additional equipment of a station includes:
• capacitor banks,
• measurement (meter) boards,
• UPS (emergency power supply),
• other devices, depending on client’s requirements.

Wynajem stacji transformatorowej - EG System

Application of mobile transformer stations

As opposed to stationary stations, mobile transformer stations make an ideal solution for temporary power supply. For example, on a construction site. Installation and disassembly of stationary stations is difficult, time-consuming, and triggers high costs. When it comes to a mobile station, there will be no problem with moving it across the construction site. Mobile stations also feature compact dimensions, thus saving space on the construction site. Application of mobile transformer stations is also rational during redevelopment/modernisation of facilities.

Transformer station rental

In cases when a station is needed only for a certain time, rental proves the best solution. Below we present three basic advantages of renting a transformer station:

First of all, stations for rent are often available right away (production of stationary stations can take up to 12 weeks).
Second, mobile transformer stations are universal (among others, owing to the application of semi-indirect power measurement system and different configurations of outlets in the LV switchgear).
Third, station rental is far cheaper than its purchase.

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