Pole-mounted transformer stations

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Basic technical data:
a) Rated voltage: 15/0.4kV, 20/0.4kV, 30/0.4kV,
b) Insulation voltage: 20kV,
c) Transformer power: typical up to 250 kVA, 400 kVA, up to 630 kVA (max. transformer weight up to 2500 kg),
d) LV switchgear: fuse isolators, distribution cabinet mounted on the station, cable distribution cabinet on the station’s foundation.

The stations are intended to supply power to recipients powered on the MV 15 kV or 20 kV side. Power supply from the overhead grid can be executed by means of an AFL 6-35 (50, 70) cable or an insulated cable with a cross-section of 35 (50-70) mm2. Various types of transformers without conservers with a power of 250 kVA can be applied on the station, or 400 kVA transformers. New solutions allow the application of 630 kVA transformers. The support structure of the station is adapted – to a limited extent – to performing a function of a peripheral pole for the medium and low voltage lines.

The basic detailed design documentation for the station is the study by “Elkoprojekt” Poznań, which was assumed for general use. Pole-mounted transformer stations take account of the application of new materials and devices as well as new operating requirements, leading to simplified operation and enhancing safety of operators and third persons.

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