24h transformer station service in Warsaw

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1. Provision of 24/7 maintenance readiness - reaction time up to 3 hours from notification!

Unexpected power failure? Crisis situation at the weekend? Do not worry in advance! As part of the subscription our qualified maintenance crew remain at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regardless of the time and circumstances, they will arrive at an indicated location within 3 hours from notification to successfully solve the problem.

2. Monthly visual examination of the transformer station systems, including inspection of connections by a thermal imaging camera!

Remember that your transformer station systems require systematic inspections carried out by professionals. If you want your system to work efficiently and without disruptions, opt for a subscription and benefit from the possibility of monthly visual examinations. The standard overhaul package includes an inspection of connections by a thermal imaging camera. Thanks to this you will be sure that your devices operate effectively at any time.

3. Provision of ongoing cooperation with INNOGY STOEN power distribution company as regards connections and other operational activities.

As part of the subscription, we guarantee ongoing cooperation with INNOGY STOEN power distribution company, offering comprehensive solutions as regards connections and other operational activities. See for yourself how reliable the cooperation with Warsaw’s leading power distribution company is.

4. Performing all maintenance works on the MV switchgear and MV transformer* (50% subscription discount)

Anyone who is in everyday contact with MV switchgears and transformers does not have to be convinced as to the importance of their efficient operation. In order to prevent a failure and power supply disturbances, it is immensely important to perform maintenance works on switchgears and transformers. They are professionally performed by our specialists, therefore you will be able to forget about any breakdowns of devices used at your facility.

5. Carrying out inspections, tests and measurements every year and every five years, as resulting from applicable regulations * (50% subscription discount)

The currently applicable regulations provide for the need to regularly carry out inspections, tests and measurements. Depending on a type, they should take place every year or every five years. Do not let these significant tasks escape your attention. Have everything under control and make use of the services rendered by our professionals, who will competently perform all necessary activities.

We guarantee a special, fixed price with a 50% discount as part of the subscription for other works related to the high-current MV and LV systems at the facility.

Regardless of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Transformer station maintenance - why is it so important?

Many companies think that transformer station operation and maintenance are voluntary activities that not necessarily yield any effects. Quite the opposite – the maintenance of a transformer station is of key importance for the operation of the entire power system at the facility.

  • It provides continuity of operation of electrical devices and their better work.
  • It extends the lifetime of devices connected to a given system.
  • It reduces costs of potential repairs and provides preventive care for the power system.
  • It allows controlling the quality of power systems within the company.

The abovementioned points clearly show how important it is to ensure adequate maintenance and regular care of transformer stations. It is so because the entire power system depends on a transformer station. Therefore, we draw attention mainly to the question of installation, but lots of companies forget about maintenance works and emergency procedures.

Transformer station repair and maintenance - take care of the safety

Safety is the overarching reason for which transformer station should be subject to maintenance works. Improperly used station or overloaded station can cause such problems as charred cables and source of fire. This is not only a faulty device or higher bills, but also health and safety of particular systems. Transformer station maintenance is required and indispensable for a proper operation of a designed electrical system. In this context, safety relates not only to defects, but to keeping the station in order as well.

24/7 Transformer station maintenance

Breakdowns will happen and cannot be fully prevented. Occurrence of a breakdown can be limited to a great extent through regular inspections, but one has to be prepared for such a situation. This means that it is worth benefiting from transformer station maintenance services rendered all day long, all year long. Owing to this, you will be sure that your system is under control and even if it malfunctions, you will be able to benefit from the help of professionals. It is advisable to have such services attributed to a place where the transformer station is installed.

Transformer station maintenance services in Warsaw

What to do when a sudden breakdown puts the operation of a company or numerous companies located within the same facility to a halt? Above all, it is worth taking care of the everyday maintenance of the transformer station in advance, so as to prevent such situations. It is also worth taking care of transformer station repair and maintenance services – best if performed by a verified company operating in Warsaw. This will make you know exactly what to do when a breakdown occurs and you will not waste your time for analysing the situation. It is of immense importance to be aware of the condition of your electrical system and the transformer station itself. Therefore, not only is the assembly important, but also periodical examinations and ongoing repairs.

Transformer station repair and maintenance - why is it worth choosing EG System?

Our company deals with comprehensive transformer station repairs and maintenance. This means that we do not specialise solely in repair and maintenance works or carrying out guarantee service works. You can count on us also in the field of post-guarantee service as well as technical support and experience. We know how to solve problems with transformer stations, therefore we can adjust the solution to your situation more easily.