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We render complete services and deliveries in the scope of supplying power to facilities (designs, technical documentation, deliveries of devices) together with arrangements with power engineering plants.

We render complete services and deliveries in the scope of supplying power to facilities (designs, technical documentation, deliveries of devices) together with arrangements with power engineering plants.

Electrical installations in industrial plants

Electrical systems of a plant are mostly divided into external and internal ones. As the name suggests, the external system is installed in the area around plant buildings: e.g. MV connections, MV cables from connections or from cable joint of a power engineering plant to a recipient’s substation, cables connecting various facilities of the plant as well as external lighting system.

Internal electrical systems include indoor systems, usually consisting of: a recipient’s substation, power distribution system, department switchgears/boards and internal lighting system. Regardless of the type of system, it has to be adapted to conditions of the surroundings it is intended to work in. For example, an appropriate level of protection of devices against potential interference and entry of dust and water to working elements has to be provided. Therefore, all busbars from our offer feature a minimum protection rating of IP55 and optionally IP68 for high power busbars.

Electrical systems - rely on qualifications and top quality

Industrial plants formulate detailed requirements as to electrical systems to provide reliability of the entire plant power supply system in the first place. Therefore, quality counts no less than technical parameters. Currently, each electrical device is subject to certification and its quality must be confirmed and guaranteed by a manufacturer. All devices offered by EG System comply with relevant standards of the European Union, which is confirmed by certificates, test reports and declarations of conformity. Proper installation of equipment is equally important.
During the installation it is necessary to always follow the operating instructions of a device and relevant measurements confirming the efficiency and correct installation have to be performed after the installation.
Following the assembly works, apart from complete technical and quality documentation, EG System always prepares measurement protocols concerning the installed devices.

Diagram of a modern electrical system

A modern industrial plant is one that combines efficiency and reliability. A transformer station lies at the heart of the electrical system of each industrial plant. Depending on location, transformer stations can be divided into free-standing and indoor. The first type increases security and available space within the building – if the station functions as a separate facility in the plant. Indoor stations are devices located in rooms prepared for their installation inside the building. Regardless of how a station is manufactured, a standard one is equipped with:

MV switchgear of a recipient. EG System offers air-insulated MV switchgears providing security (lack of SF6), easy installation, operation and maintenance.
• MV/LV transformer. As regards rooms enclosed due to fire safety, dry-type resin transformers represent the best solution. EG-CR-T transformers also provide high quality and low power loss, in line with the requirements of relevant standards. A modern temperature control system and the possibility of equipping transformers with a forced ventilation system protect the device against damage caused by, e.g. overload.
• Main LV switchgear. The most important aspect of the LV switchgear is its dimensions and properly selected technical parameters of applied devices.
• A system connecting the LV side of the transformer with the main switchgear. Most frequently, LV cables are used to connect low power transformers, but if the connection begins with 630 kVa power, the application of busbars should be considered.

High power EG-BX busbars, owing to their compact dimensions, high mechanical strength and easy assembly (including due to special elements intended to connect with switchgears and transformers), will guarantee reliable connection between the transformer and the LV switchgear. If it is necessary to transmit energy between buildings, EB-BX-R are applied outdoors, with an IP68 protection rating, that can be joined with IP55 sections without using special elements.
If a transformer stations is the heart of the electrical system, the power distribution system is its veins. In the case of a large number of power supply instances to the loads (these can include high power or lighting power supply, etc.) located in different parts of a plant, it would be most optimal to apply distribution busbars. Distribution busbars offered by EG System show numerous advantages compared to cables:

• A busbar consists of particular elements, which facilitates assembly/modification of line sections without the need to replace the entire line. At the same time, division into separate elements allows quick installation even by 2-3 technicians.
• A special connection unit with shear head bolts guarantees appropriate torque and robust and rapid joining of elements.
• Fixing clamps allow adjusting the positioning of a busbar prior to screwing the bolts and allow installation according to client preferences.
• Owing to distribution elements with outgoing sockets from one line, it is possible to power numerous receivers, thus replacing dozens of cable lines, which considerably reduces installation time and often reduces costs.